Thursday, July 30, 2009

Newly Mr. & Mrs.

Two of my best friends just got married this week (Monday) in Vegas. David and Tina had family and friends with them as they partied down the strip, caught the Cirque de Soleil "Love" show and exchanged vows on Monday at Caesar's  Palace!
 I wish them the best in all that they do and know that they'll be so happy together.
The gorgeous bride and her dorky husband. (David you're beautiful)
I Love you guys!


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  1. I'm still at the airport waiting for my plane to pdx and I thought I'd check your blog... I was like "whoa" because I had no idea David sent you a photo! lol, I was wondering how you got one so fast! I wish you were there, it was super fun, but next time we go I know exactly what I want to do. We didn't get to relax as much as I wanted for our vacation. We didn't even get to check out the pools because we were so busy! See you soon...