Saturday, May 23, 2009


We headed to Portland for some good times!! We drove up to Tina and Davids apartment, dropped off all of our stuff and started drinking. Well, we went and had some dinner at Chevy's first!! It was good, delicious quesadillas. Then we drank until we had to leave. We then piled 5 people into the back of a compact car. It was ridiculous. We finally got downtown and went to McThaddens- it was awesome! We were constantly on the dance floor, shakin and ripping it up! Then we decided to go somewhere else, so we walked downtown. We tried the Dixie, but they had a cover charge so we moved on. We then went to this restaurant on the top floor of this building. lol. Tiff asked David to dip her, he didn't so Jake did. And dropped her. lol. The bar closed like two minutes after we got there so we left.

So everyone decided they wanted to go home except me and Jake. Jake and I wandered down to this bar and ordered a beer. We played some pool - I won!! lol. Which was unexpected cause Jake is actually good at pool and I suck. I play slop and hope for a lucky shot.

Then after that we left, walked out on the street and realized we were completely lost. lol. We had no clue where we were going. Neither of us are from Portland. So we walked for awhile, then we ran into some people and decided to go with them. lol. We followed them to a club (My heel broke on the way!!!! It was horrible!! I was just walking on my tiptoes with one foot. ugh.) where we were denied entrance. The bouncer guy asked Jake how many he'd had, Jake answered 4 and the guys said that was too much and we couldn't go in. What!! That was ridiculous!! Neither of us were so drunk that we were swaying or leaning or belligerent. Whatever. So we walked on to the Dixie. There was this wasted chick in front crying and the bouncer asked her to go around the corner. He was like are you guys with her, immediately I was like no! lol. The guy was like alright and we got in! No cover charge!! Whooo!! So we went in, got some drinks (Cherry bombs!!) went upstairs, got another drink, then went back downstairs to dance. lol. Then we went back upstairs, got another drink (ummmm tequila shots) and danced some more!!! It was fun! Then the bar was closing down so we hailed a cab and went back home!




  1. Good times! Next time we plan for Portland we will have to get a room at the Hilton. Then we can go and do whatever we want! I hope we can do that later this summer...

  2. Heck yes! That would be awesome!!